How included do you feel at work?

Many of us will be returning to the office at full tilt next week, or certainly resetting the home /work routine as we enter September: one of the most productive months of the year for businesses in this hemisphere. Feeling heard at work can be a struggle.

Feeling included in the workspace and re-entering that space with full gusto is upon us again and yet how included do we feel in the hybrid space?

This worksheet is useful to peruse over a whilst having that coffee this week

But what if…

But what if your workplace is pretty homogenous in not only its thinking but in its make-up? A great team that is doing its best and doing pretty well, thank you very much.

So how do we increase this diversity and inclusion?

The necessary and frankly good economic drive for diversity can at worst, alienate a large proportion of your workforce; who might feel inadequate and not diverse enough, and at best recognises that your workplace needs more diversity but has a stable and functioning team. So what place Diversity, Equality and Inclusion?

Yakbit is proving that diversity of thought and action can start with the very team in place.

It is not always about recruitment or on-boarding. This is about making the very stuff that you have to work with more enlightened. How the small but important behaviour changes in the workplace meeting space can help your business more diverse in its thinking and more diverse in its outcomes.


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