On the bus or off the bus?

“Part-time employers don’t work”

“Even working remotely should be avoided, because mis-alignment can creep whenever colleagues aren’t together full-time, in the same place, every day” This piece of advice seems from a distant business utopia or an out- of- touch MP.

News reported this week finds that National Rail employees just can’t afford the train fare to get to work. NHS staff reporting in sick because petrol too expensive. We are in a new and established era of hybrid working. This is the new way of working.

We can understand the sentiment of full time, in the flesh all together, giving us the interaction to create more action but the reality is that this view is now rather “quaint”. The statistics below show us the need to address this.

Eighty-three per cent of organisations now have hybrid working in place.
Forty-five per cent have a formal policy, 24% take an informal approach, and 13% are developing policies through learning/trialling.


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