How can YakBit help your business?

Unleash hidden potential

YakBit is not just another meeting tool; it’s a game changer in how decisions are made within your organisation. With YakBit, your meetings become dynamic hubs of high engagement and improved productivity.

How do companies currently measure and benchmark meeting data?

Learning & skills data

Training obtained on the job and the intersection of work and personal development.

Earnings data

Wages, benefits, executive pay gap and financial insecurity.

Employment data

Such as hiring, turnover and promotion.

There are challenges with these measurements because:

  • Employee surveys are self-reported and largely perception based
  • Pay and earning data is a time-lagged snapshot
  • Training data rarely records impact
Why is this important?

Good engagement and high ESG scores matters to employees, investors, and customers and create competitive advantage.

This is why YakBit can be an active intervention for your company, to track employee engagement metrics.

Recent press coverage serves as a stark warning for companies to adopt a greater focus on mitigating social risk in their workplace culture and supply chains.

And in case you need reminding, the most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers in terms of profitability. So let’s start by getting the inclusion right first.

Meet the Yakbit team

Mary-Jo Hill

Mary-Jo’s education industry skills and experience informs both her vision and action. “People are the greatest asset in any business. The crucial aspect of creating a dynamic team is professional talk, which can become locked into personal and team habits that are not always inclusive. Let’s provide companies with the necessary sharper data to support and challenge current practice simultaneously.

Joe Hughes

Jo’s engineering and project management skills started with Rolls Royce in the 1990s. She consistently and systematically plans and implements programs and services in varied settings including manufacturing, Government, banking and healthcare. She delivers effective business transformation through promotion of collaboration and cooperation across multi-faceted teams.

Anri Brand

Anri is a senior tech leader with extensive experience in global enterprise software, is highly regarded for her innovative problem-solving skills. She provides invaluable advice on product development and technology, expertly balancing customer needs with cutting-edge product design. Her expertise is most evident in fast-paced environments, where she excels in technical product development and strategic leadership.

Matt Reynolds

Matt has a history of creating innovative software products using the latest technologies and has spent over 15 years working across a number of industries developing complex solutions to give customers the tools they need to get results efficiently. 

Denise Markham Wroe

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