Introducing YakBit

The inclusion focused training tool

If you’re not hearing from everyone in your business, you’re wasting time and money

What does YakBit do?

Every organisation runs meetings, let’s make them count.


Our B2B software helps you understand how meeting dynamics influence productivity. With additional coaching, this can sharpen a team’s performance.


YakBit provides data in interactivity and participation. With specific inclusion metrics, this informs your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion reporting. 


Employees who feel heard, feel valued. This increases engagement and innovation. YakBit impacts both the profitability and success of your business.

Why use YakBit?

YakBit is an inclusion-focused meeting tool. Discover valuable insights and perspectives that you didn’t even know you were missing. No longer will valuable voices be drowned out or overlooked.

With Yakbit data, you can increase the awareness of the speaking and listening habits in your teams. With additional coaching, you can change behaviours for better effect.

Maintain your competitive edge

Set your business apart and stay ahead of your competition by making the most of the human resources of expertise, experience and innovation that you already have in your business.

01. Flexibility

Hybrid and flexi-working means more attention must be paid to ensuring everyone feels valued, respected and actively engaged in meetings.

02. Diversity

YakBit provides you with an active intervention that starts with the basics: whose voices are really being heard in meetings? 

03. Productivity

YakBit can improve engagement, motivation and productivity while simultaneously ensuring you are capturing diversity of thought. 

Doing the right thing sets you apart, puts you ahead and attracts and retains #talent

How does YakBit work?


Captures data in relation to core physical elements such as frequency of speaking and meeting participation of the team. 


Provides speech and interactivity data in a downloadable report.


Provides one-to-one coaching with the meeting chair to bring about positive change. 

We currently work with Zoom! 

Upload your meeting recordings created via our portal for immediate analysis

Case studies

Examples of how YakBit has delivered


Borne is one of the fastest-growing creative agencies in the East of England. Borne found YakBit’s analysis and coaching delivered immediate benefits.

The User Story

A digital creative agency based in Norwich. They used YakBit with their entire team during their non-mandatory bi-weekly ‘Show, Tell, Ask’ sessions.

Your Company

Could this be you and your company? Your greatest frustration is that your team never seems to take any initiative themselves…

“Ultimately, YakBit has reminded me that I have a responsibility as a team and business leader to not be complacent.”

Holly Bamford | Head of Client Service

Our values

YakBit is founded on three core values. 


Sharper transparent data


New ways for team functionality


Insight to change behaviour

Talk yourself better

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