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Read how YakBit had proven effective for creative companies: Borne and The User Story

Case study 1


Borne is one of the fastest growing creative agencies in the East of England; it has been working with clients in multiple sectors, disciplines, channels and markets since 2016 and currently has 40 employees.

Better collaboration

Holly Bamford, Head of Client Service at Borne, recognised that she was not always optimising the team experience in the regular weekly meetings and felt that opportunities for building upon each other’s contributions could be greater. 

An early survey with meeting participants showed that ALL participants knew what was expected of them, feeling confident in delivering outcomes for their weekly team meeting. And yet, 43% wanted to change their meeting behaviours and an additional 40% wanted ‘possibly’ to change their meeting behaviours.

Direct benefits and impact after using YakBit:

Productivity meeting was shorter in time 

Greater interactivity proven change in engagement levels 

“Ultimately, Yakbit has reminded me that I have a responsibility as a team and business leader to not be complacent. The YakBit data helped us move forward on maximising input to better effect and in a short space of time, I saw immediate improvements. You’d be surprised how small changes can impact the outcome of a meeting.”
– Holly Bamford, Head of Client Service, BORNE

Case study 2


The User Story is a digital creative agency based in Norwich. They used YakBit with their entire team during their non-mandatory bi-weekly ‘Show, Tell, Ask’ sessions, when the entire team comes together for 45 minutes to show and talk through their work and take the opportunity to ask questions.

Greater inclusion

“We wanted a non-biased third party to review our meeting format and advise us on how we might be able to make these sessions more effective and more inclusive. Yakbit was used for a total of three meetings.

We received the visual data of the % talk time off the back of each, allowing us to digest and assess in our own time, followed by a personalised coaching session to help dig into the detail a little more.”

Direct benefits and impact after using YakBit:

Meeting preparation – as a direct result, all the people who attended the sessions were inspired to make the most of that time and come prepared with something to discuss.

Adjusting the structure – a shake-up of format had a direct and positive outcome on interactivity.

“YakBit is a great way of maintaining accountability across a large enterprise. It enables multiple teams and departments to keep track of behaviours; and helps leaders to ensure their teams are holding true to company values when they’re talking to one another in everyday interactions.”
Sammy Marshall, Studio Manager, THE USER STORY

Case study 3

Could this be your company?

Your greatest frustration is that your team never seems to take any initiative themselves. You feel that you have to hold their hand and direct them; why are they not offering more?

If this sounds familiar, using YakBit with your regular team can help you gain insight into your team functionality.

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