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Is there really a need for this new tech solution? How is the problem currently being addressed in the workplace?

Jabra’s Hybrid Ways of Working 2022 Global Report found that 33% of hybrid workers and 22% of remote workers feel left out of the conversation when joining a virtual meeting.

What impact does this have and how are you currently addressing this exclusion?

Imagine if you could change this.

By increasing participation you bring your remote and hybrid workers into the conversation, creating a more coherent environment for every employee and more diversity of thought.

An interesting article here raises the impact of talking at any level with not only the familiar colleagues of the workplace, but how vital it is to have with encounters with those we hardly know too.


Does it matter?

Is it best to listen to those that perform better in the meeting environment. Those that have stronger communications styles?

This will mean only the confident voices are being heard. The recent Covid Testimonies serve a reminder of the impact of this.

Personal agency or structure?

How much do managers need to nurture, hold out, celebrate and designate particularly under represented groups? How inclusive are your meetings at work? How included do the team really feel?


The way to
re-consider and challenge some of our habits of the everyday.

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